Feedback from participants

Feedback from Participants

Karuna Training provided me with more insight into what I am doing, more means to work in my profession, – plus I’m more relaxed at my work.


“Through Karuna Training I attained more confidence in the resilience of people. When one is in a confused state of mind, there is always a turning point where clarity arises.” – a psychotherapist

“Karuna was about opening my heart and learning to live more from there… Allowing myself to be vulnerable and touched by situations more and more. I could more and more trust that I naturally have the strength and inner space to do this without being overwhelmed.”  – a high school teacher)

“From the very first weekend, Karuna Training provided me with means I could apply in my practice.” – a social worker

“Karuna helped me learn how to make a clearer difference between judgements, projections, and exchange and it is very useful in communication with others in my life. Karuna Training offers a great path to making friends with yourself on a deep level and gives many fine tools to help others do the same.”  – a masseur

“Karuna Training is an ideal path to see and experience how Buddhist insights can be applied in daily life.” – an assistant professor

  • A radio interview (partly in English) by Jeanette Werkhoven with Karuna Training participants, broadcasted by BOS (Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation in the Netherlands) on 27 September 2008. click here
  • Recommended: Someone Beside You, a movie by Edgar Hagen about the contemplative therapeutic treatment of people who suffer severe psychological problems, more information: click here