1-Year advanced Training

One-Year advanced Training

Maitri Karuna Logo Objective

The objective of the advanced training is to apply the methods and practices one has learned in the basic training. Every participant needs to design a project that can be carried out in his or her work situation. Individual and group supervision are provided. Mindfulness training, meditation, exercises in non-dual healing presence, study, and (peer and individual) supervision are included in the programme.

Maitri Karuna Logo Overview of the Contents of Weekends and Deepening Weeks

1. Weekend   Mindfulness Training
Participants learn how to give different kinds of mindfulness instruction to their clients. Participants understand that the fruit of mindfulness is open-mindedness in the context of contemplative psychology, and that meditation practice is the basis for everything that is practiced in this specific tradition. Participants learn how they can use mindfulness to identify,
recognize, investigate and de-identify their clients problems.

2. Deepening week  Body Speech Mind Practice
One of the principles of Karuna Training, exchange, will be revisited and deepened. Participants learn how they can teach Body Speech Mind Supervision Practice to colleagues and clients. They can offer both a practical and a theoretical explanation.

3. Deepening week  Open communication – speaking from the heart groups
Open communication is only possible in a safe and healthy environment in which the facilitator encourages participants to speak mindfully. In this deepening week participants learn how they can facilitate these groups. Being fully present in the moment is essential for encouraging an honest and open participation. Maitri Space Awareness is helpful in deepening and investigating
communication processes.

4. Deepening week  Basic Attendance — An Introduction to Edward Podvoll’s Windhorse Work
Windhorse work is designed for people who are in a psychotic crisis. The idea behind the work is that every human being experiences moments of clarity in the midst of great confusion or fear. In this situation there are moments when people wake up and discover that they can be in the present moment. The facilitators have been trained in discovering and utilizing islands of sanity. In Windhorse Projects, clients are guided with mindfulness in every day life. By creating a healthy environment and offering psychotherapeutic and specialized guidance, the team creates a situation that invites clients to behave in a sane way.

5. Long weekend  Graduation
During this weekend participants present what they have learned in the Advanced Training.