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Dates & venues two-year Karuna Training 2016

Karuna Training

Unfortunately there won’t start a new Karuna Training in 2015. The first 2-year Karuna Training will probably start in 2016.





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The costs for the 2-year Karuna Training are €3900,- when paid at once, or €4100,- when paid in monthly terms. Karuna Netherlands has no VAT obligation. For lodging and food during the deepening weeks and long weekends, the costs will be about €60.- daily. Lodging and food during weekends in Amsterdam is not included.


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Application and procedures

If you are interested, you can inform us via our email address, or the contactform on this website.

You’ll receive an application form as soon as possible. Subsequently you’ll be invited for an interview with one of the trainers and/or co-trainers. After the interview you’ll make your definitive decision about participating in the training.