Karuna Training

Karuna Training: a courageous and profound experience!

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Karuna Training has as a basic principle that everyone is intrinsically sane. Often we don’t experience this intrinsic
sanit. We might be confused about who we think we are, or we don’t have any idea about what to think. When we meet someone else, it can be
difficult to communicate genuinely. We might conform ourselves to other people’s expectations, or seek confrontation. Afterwards we might not be
happy with ourselves or the other person. In Karuna Training we develop the courage that is needed to see what we experience in the
present moment, without looking for explanations or falling back in (professional) habitual patterns. To accept and experience our sanity as
well as our confusion is the ground which opens the possibility for genuinely working with others. In all kinds of roles – therapist, teacher, coach, parent, … or client, student, coachee, child, … – these all are situations in which we can feel ourselves as either “expert” or “dependent”. Being together and experiencing the present moment is inducive to an interaction in which intrinsic sanity can bloom.

Karuna Training is a two-year commitment to work and to learn together. This is a profound experience that enters as it were into your system. During the three deepening weeks we come into contact with the Five Buddha Families and their energies. These energies manifests as “sane” and as “confused”. After we have worked with these energies, we learn to look beyond the problems that others present to us. We learn to focus on their intrinsic sanity. Again and again this has been proven to work as a kind of magic.

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